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Our singing teacher, Anastasia Ursu is an energetic, enthusiastic and creative Singing  Teacher (Pop, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, Musical) with a proven ability to get the very best out of her pupils.
Anastasia is specialized in coaching vocal little kids (from 3 years). The learning process for the preschool age is based on her own early childhood program. 
Empathy, expressivity, improvisation, and systematic way of giving the knowledges at the same time, let her make students achieve great results in short terms. Her students participate in different International Vocal Contests and Festivals  like Premio Mia Martini, Novaya Volna, X Factor and take the best prizes. She has prepared children for famous Musicals in Russia. 
Anastasia also has a successful experience of training young people for enrolling in different Music Academies. She can help those who intend to achieve a professional level and want to record their own songs in the studio to find their own style of singing, unique timber and color of the voice.
It’s never too late to make your dream come true!
There are no age limits for those who really want to begin to study singing. The Singing Course for Adults is open.
We offer singing lessons in:
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