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Who can participate?
- This contest is divided into 4 individual groups and 1 family group:
  Age 6-8 (individual)
  Age 9-11 (individual)
  Age 12-15 (individual)
  Age 16-18 (individual)
  Family Group - 2 or more members from a family. (No friends gathering, only family in one household, otherwise the contestants will be considered disqualified.)
What should I do to participate?
- Participants need to record a video of him / her / group singing ONE song, in ANY language, WITH or WITHOUT backing music.
- The song should not be longer than 5 minutes.
- Only one entry is accepted per individual or family group. But if you participate in one individual group, you can also participate in Family Group as long as you match the criteria for that group.
How to participate and submit the video?
1) Fill in the online registration form.  The URL of the form is on the Facebook post.
2) Submit the video. You have the following options:
a) Upload it in the online registration form using below link:
b) Upload it to YouTube and email us the link to
c) Upload it to Google Drive and email us the link to
d) Use Dropbox or and email the file to
- The accepted file formats are: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI and FLV. (Simply take a video with your smart phone!)
For inquiry, please contact us at
or +41 78 20 555 40 (Whatsapp).
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